Amazing Alex Walkthrough

Amazing Alex walkthrough will guide you through each of the 112 levels (plus the hidden level) of Rovios new puzzle game Amazing Alex. Our star, Alex, is a cartoon kid who makes cleaning fun and gets creative with organizing his toys by making Rube Goldburg like contraptions. On each level, Alex challenges you to build an elaborate contraption to accomplish a simple goal, usually moving an object from one place to another. Nearly every level in Amazing Alex can be solved in many different ways. There is no "right" way, although you'll probably want to collect all 3 stars each time.

Amazing Alex is divided into 4 chapters The Classroom, The Backyard, Alex's Bedroom, The Treehouse. The first chapter gives you a nice introduction to the key concepts and game play. Then levels become increasingly more challenging. Many of them are quite complex and a few seem impossible at first. (Warning: shaking your device in fervent efforts to affect in-game gravity does not work) If you’re stuck on a level and need a little help to give Alex all 3 stars, these video walkthroughs are what you need. We’ve sorted each level by chapter just click below to find what you need.

Tip#1: For Playing Amazing Alex.
No timer, No Stress, No penalty for experimenting, Just explore. Try things, and have fun.

Amazing Alex Walkthrough Classroom Levels.

Amazing Alex Walkthrough -- The Classroom

Amazing Alex's first chapter is The Classroom which contains 16 levels. The basis of the Classroom chapter is to teach you the controls of the game by using finger prompts, arrows and hint circles. Hints such as how to start and restart levels move and rotate objects and the basic physics of the game. After the first couple levels the amount of hints dwindle but the objective of each of these levels stay pretty simple. The toys available mostly follow the Classroom theme and include, books, bookshelves, scissors, boxes, soccer balls, tennis balls, eight balls, balloons and clothes baskets.

Amazing Alex Walkthrough Backyard Levels.

Amazing Alex Walkthrough-- The Backyard

Amazing Alex's next chapter moves Alex to The BackYard which contains the games normal 32 levels. The BackYard introduces a lot of new toys and on several levels require quite a few different toys to complete the goal. The later levels of this chapter do get entangled and require some cleverness to get all 3 stars. New Toys added in the Backyard theme include, pipes, bowling balls, mechanical boxing gloves, ropes with hangers, see-saws, darts, sling shots, spring boards and skateboards.

Amazing Alex Walkthroughs Alex's Bedroom Levels.

Amazing Alex Walkthrough -- Alex's Bedroom

Amazing Alex's next chapter takes Alex back inside to Alex's Bedroom . Alex's Bedroom has some of the hardest levels in the game, in my opinion. Even the early Pinball level (3-3) will take you several tries of getting everything placed just right. (over just one more pixel) The pinball bumpers make for some turbulent levels. And the addition of the RC trucks add some much needed power to the levels. New toys in Alex's Bedroom chapter include pinball bumpers, Alex's nemesis the doll, trap doors, piggy banks, radio controlled trucks, hanging lamps, paper airplanes, magnets, and metal marbles.

Amazing Alex Walkthroughs Treehouse Levels.

Amazing Alex Walkthrough -- The Treehouse

The Amazing Alex Game's last chapter is The Treehouse . The typical goal of these levels is to send an object down the trap door. These levels are definitely more complex. And you do need to build some Rube Goldberg like contraptions to get all 3 stars. If you get stuck like a barnacle, do not be afraid to check out any of our Amazing Alex Walkthroughs. Not a lot of new toys are introduced on these levels. New toys include radio controlled helicopters, zip lines and bouncy balls.

When you complete this chapter a special hidden level is available in your “My Level” section. Hopefully Rovio will have some new levels available soon. If not. Don't forget you can build your own levels on the “My Levels” section and share them with your friends or download all your friend's builds.