Amazing Alex Walkthrough -- The Backyard -- Level 2-10 Slam Dunk

Amazing Alex Walkthrough

3 Star Solutions And Cheats
The Backyard 2-10
Slam Dunk 2-10
Amazing Alex 2-10
Slam Dunk Walkthrough

Toys: (2) Bookshelves (2) Curved Pipes (1) Pairs of scissors.

Level Solution: This is a level with a couple different ways to solve. Your goal is to get the tennis ball into the bucket. One solution is to put a curved pipe under the tennis ball directing it onto a bookshelf. Then put a curved pipe next to the bucket on the rope too stop it from swinging. The tennis ball should go right in. For the third star put a bookshelf under the eight ball sloped towards the star. Then you can use a pair of scissors to stop it from hitting the bucket messing up your swing.

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