Amazing Alex Walkthrough -- The Backyard -- Level 2-14 Back And Forth

Amazing Alex Walkthrough

Amazing Alex Back and Forth
The Backyard 2-14
Back and Forth 2-14
Amazing Alex 2-14
3 Star Solutions And Cheats

Toys: (2) Curved Pipes (2) Straight Pipes (1) Pair of Scissors (1) Bookself

Level Solution: Place the bookshelf so that it makes a ramp for the eight ball sloped towards the already provided bookshelf. This will cause the eight ball knock the bucket off the shelf. Place some scissors on the balloon string that the bucket will hit in order to release the balloon. Then place the straight pipe at the end of the lower bookshelf so the eight ball goes through it. Then connect the curved pipe to the straight pipe. Then connect the last straight pipe. This will give you all three stars.

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