Amazing Alex Walkthrough -- Level -- The Backyard 2-15 Fort Box

Amazing Alex Walkthrough

Amazing Alex Fort Box
The Backyard 2-15
Fort Box 2-15
Amazing Alex 2-15
3 Star Solutions And Cheats

Toys: (1) Rope (1) Bucket (1) Tennis Ball (1) Curved Pipe (1) Pair of Scissors

Level Solution: Drag the curved pipe to the right of the upper star. Place the tennis ball above the pipe so when it falls it goes through the pipe and hits the star. Then place the pair of scissors below the rope hook where the tennis ball will also hit it. Now attach the rope to the hanger at about 240 degress and the bucket on the end. The bucket should swing across the playing field then the scissors will cut the rope sending the bucket flying into the books and the last two stars.

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