Amazing Alex Walkthrough -- The Backyard -- Level 2-20 Balloon Voyage

Amazing Alex Walkthrough

Amazing Alex Balloon Voyage
The Backyard 2-20
Balloon Voyage 2-20
Amazing Alex 2-20
3 Star Solutions And Cheats

Toys: (3) Bookshelves (1) Eight Ball (1) Mechanical Boxing Glove

Level Solution: On this level you need to free the balloon. Place the mechanical boxing glove on top of the already placed left shelf. You need to get it placed just right on the far left of the shelf. Place the eight ball above the boxing gloves trigger. The mechancial boxing glove will knock the basket out of the way of the balloon. Now you need to build a ramp out of the bookshelves so that when the eight ball bounces off the trigger it will catch the eight ball and roll into the third star.

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