Amazing Alex Walkthrough -- The Backyard -- Level 2-22 Box-Ing

Amazing Alex Walkthrough

Amazing Alex Box-ing
The Backyard 2-22
Box-ing 2-22
Amazing Alex 2-22
3 Star Solutions And Cheats

Toys: (1) Sling Shot (1) Mechanical Boxing Glove (1) Eight Ball

Level Solution: This puzzle will also take some good aiming. First drag the sling shot to the left of the middle star. Place the eight ball in the sling. Drag the mechanical boxing glove to the right of box. Place it so it punches the box across the board. This will move the balloon over so it rises to the top star and the box will hit the third star. Just aim the sling shot at the trigger for the mechanical boxing glove. Ok, aim again. One more time. Done.

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